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Nov 4, 2008

Ann Tancio


Sumo Lounge

They are an American company that do to home furnishings what Alienware do to computers. This isn’t furniture, this is Urban Lounge Gear!

Essentially they’re beanbags, but these are no ordinary beanbags, these are beanbags with attitude. Think of a beanbag that would double as a sofa bed, and you’re getting close.

There are different styles to cater for the different types of bean bag customer as well. Sumo Gamer for upright, square-on video game playing, Sumo Couple for two person action, and Sumo Giganator for the ultimate in comfort lounging.

The thing I like best about the website though is the video they helpfully provide to help you get the best out of your sumo chair! Remember, this isn’t a toy, this is a serious piece of lounging equipment. Check these guys out!

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