Maison Bisson

Sep 14, 2006

Ann Tancio


Sweet Sumolounge Omni

A Sumo Lounge beanbag chair is a beanbag like a Maserati is a car. But even that doesn’t properly characterize the difference.

For starters, it’s big – over five feet on one side. Not big enough for the whole wrestling team, but big enough for cuddling. A bit bigger and I’d go looking for sheets and call it a bed, as it’s also comfortable. The website calls it a “crash mat, lounge chair, loveseat or floor pillow,” but whatever you call it, you’ll settle into it like an addictive personality to a bad habit.

And it’s also tough. Stiletto heals couldn’t poke holes in the nylon covering, and stains of all sorts seem to just wipe off.

It’s the sort of thing that can teach the back-to-school crowd about proper slacking. Pick your position, throw your feet up on the beanie ottoman, and close your eyes knowing that if your macro-economics class was really that important, the cosmos would never have lead you to this cushy bliss in the first place.

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