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Jul 3, 2012

Ann Tancio

Cool Bean Bag Chairs

I have been looking for cool bean bag chairs for a while now. I have never had one and the kids have been asking for one, so I thought I would look and see what I could find. I first went to the retails stores in town and there were a small handful, but they didn’t seem like they would hold up after two active kids got a hold of them. There were a few at some larger furniture stores but they started out at $150 for a small chair that one younger child would fit into. I finally decided to look online and see what there was out in cyber land. I found two distinct types of bean bag furniture online; very, very expensive or reasonably priced that did not come with the “beans”. I know those beans are not cheap, which is probably why bean bag furniture is so expensive. When I worked for a large arts and crafts retail chain store, we sold the beans and they were $19.99 for a small bag, and you would need between 3-6 to fill up a decent sized bag. If you add that cost to the covers, you were looking at more than $200. Um…no thanks!

Perseverance can pay off, which I had confirmed by continuing to look for a company that didn’t charge through the roof and was well made. Sumo Lounge is an A-Mazing company that sells awesome bean bag furniture. Founded in January 2004, the Sumo Lounge Company grew into the status of one of the best bean bag companies in the industry. Not only are the bean bags made well, you have more than 10 sizes to choose from as well as a variety of fabrics and bright colors to choose from. The best part about Sumo Lounge is the very affordable prices for their products. With more than 1,000 positive reviews on their website, 100% satisfaction guarantee and free shipping on all orders, you can rest assured you are in good hands when shopping for a quality bean bag! Sumo also carries a collection of sleek and modern furniture, memory foam mattresses and bean refills.

Fun Furniture For Kids

The reason I wanted to find a bean bag was because I wanted to have fun furniture for the kids. There is something about a cool bean bag chair or sofa that just says FUN, don’t you think? When I was offered an Omni bean bag chair ($139.00) from Sumo Lounge, I was so excited! The kids on the other hand were absolutely out of control with all their screaming, yelling and dancing around the living room. I mean, goodness, you would think they were getting some cool furniture to have all to themselves!! I was not prepared for how GIGANTIC the Omni bean bag chair is! As you can see from the picture, you can easily fit to children with room to spare. So much for my husband or I to have a chance to try out the Omni! Um…no. It is the property of my children and if you dare try to sit on it they get very possessive! They have even named the Omni “The Girth” which I think is absolutely hysterical!! At this moment, they have The Girth on Caitlin’s bed and are watching cartoons in it!! Needless to say, a bean bag chair from Sumo Lounge is money VERY well spent!

One reader will win an Omni bean bag chair ($139.00) in their choice of color in the Unique Gift Ideas Event from 7/3 to 7/13.

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