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Jan 23, 2012

Ann Tancio

Looking For An Inexpensive Beanbag Chair? Try The SumoLounge Omni

Inexpensive Beanbag Chair

At Sumo, you can choose the color of your Omni beanbag chair with a choice of 10 fashionable colors. We chose brown because it matches our furtniture and hides stains well. However, I did find from experience that the Omni’s Space age rip-proof nylon is as easy to clean with soap and water as the website claimed. After a mishap of spaghetti sauce, you cannot even tell that the accident occurred. I wanted this inexpensive beanbag chair because I wanted a place to sit all on my own. Well, you can see how well that worked out. Good thing the Sumo Omni is so durable. In the short time we have owned this giant beanbag, it has been used as a wrestling mat, dog bed, nap station, blanket, and even a monster fort. Even though the Omni is such a big size at 4.5’ X 5.5, it only weights 18 pounds so it can be moved easily around the room…even by the kids! This fact brought the question to mind, “What happens when the bag inevitably goes flat?” This is a valid question in a house with 2 boys, a dog, and two adults who all use the bean bag chair daily if not all at the same time. (It is that big.) The answer – you can purchase a refill of Sumo beads and restuff your bag. I do not anticipate having to do this for a few years, but it is nice the option is there.

Giant Beanbags

The Omni giant beanbags are filled with top quality Sumo beads, and the website claims it can be positioned in 10 different ways. They also say they lack imagination and users have found more! I agree; although I tend to use my Omni in a seated position, the kids have turned this bag every which way but loose. It is as comfortable as it is versatile, and my Sumo Omni is a piece of furniture that our family is quite fond of. Because it is so light-weight, the boys always drag it to their room to play games on. Then, my husband drags it back to the livingroom to watch football. Then, I drag it back to the family room to read a book. The dog just finds it where ever it is, so someone is always on the Sumo Omni! Sumo is having a Valentine’s Day sale right now where you can buy an Omni Sumo Lounge like mine for $139 including shipping.

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