Marcus Lagenfeld

Jul 1, 2008

Ann Tancio


Sumo Omni: First Impressions

I’ve had this old sofa in my bedroom for a while and I’ve been looking at getting a more space efficient replacement that perhaps wasn’t a hepatitis risk to sleep on and maybe lacked a unique funky smell.


Paul Stamatiou recently wrote a review on the Sumo Omni lounge chair which he dubbed The Ultimate Blogger’s Chair. After reading about the giant bean bag on his site and others I decided that I needed to own one.

The Sumo Omni is a mega-sized pillow made of rip-proof nylon that’s filled with high quality foam beads. This ‘pillow’ can be used in a number of ways including the glove shape I’m doing now along with 9 other ways according to the Sumo website. Honestly, so far I’m impressed with the quality – $130 may sound steep for a giant bean bag but the materials are top notch. I’ve read some complaints that the nylon exterior is almost too tough where it isn’t as soft as it should be. While I guess I can understand that now that I’m sitting in the chair I’m actually really digging the strength, it doesn’t feel like any other bean bag I’ve sat in before and it’s still super comfortable.

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