Marketing Shift

Oct 20, 2006

Ann Tancio


Well, the chair arrived in this huge box and was a bit of a chore to get out. I was afraid I might have to put the stuffing (small foam pebbles – keep away from your little ones) in the chair but that wasn’t the case. The Sumo was inside a clear plastic bag and already put together.

Upon first inspection, I was really surprised at the sturdiness of the fabric used for the bean bag. It feels like a cross between parachute material and heavy duty canvas. I’m not sure but the chair looks to be water resistant so I’m guessing the fabric repels water and doesn’t stain easily, so far no problems with mine.

Something that stands out about the chair… It’s huge. It’s approximately 4ft by 4ft and you can mold it into just about any shape you want. My favorite use of the chair is around 2 PM on days that I’ve spend sitting at the desk all morning. I just grab the laptop, set the chair against a wall and plop down. After a few seconds of adjusting I’m able to find a comfy position that doesn’t bother my wrists and allows me to completely change my posture. To me that’s invaluable. When you’re use to sitting at your desk all day and not really moving around unless your yappin on the phone, a change of pace in seating that also allows you to retain your productivity is a huge blessing.

My personal thought on these is that they’re great for an office environment full of creative types like an ad agency or a pr firm. Second best use would be at home for playing video games. However, I’m not taking mine home because I think the dog would enjoy it a bit more than me and then I lose my ergonomic benefits of keeping it at my office.

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