Medicine From The Trenches

Sep 21, 2007

Ann Tancio


I just gotta have it!!!

I have been reading Brian Ambrozy’s review on Short Media about the Sumo-Omni chair/lounge/i-don’t-know-what-to-call-it/thing and I must have one. As one of his children describes it, this is a “nest” that can be tossed from place to place with impunity. I just have to get one of these to fall into after a long day in the hospital. Take a minute and read Mr. Ambrozy’s review and savor the possibilities???

As I see it, I can survey the X-Box 360 from my Sumo-Omni or just park it in front of my patio door (removing a couple of beagles) and enjoy the afternoon sun on a lazy Saturday. I am also expecting that I will spend a fair amount of time removing the beagles from the Sumo-Omni so that I can hang out in this thing. Likely, I will end up buying one for them and one for me. In short, I am about to spend $260 on a couple of beanbags but as I see it, a great investment in getting myself “back to the womb”.

Why am I mentioning this? Because one of the greatest lessons that I have learned is that after spending days in the hospital, coming home and tossing myself into a Sumo-Omni with abandon is just my idea of heaven. Keeping some sanity in this profession is all about doing little “nice things” for yourself regularly. This is a $130 daily vacation complete with sunlight on the weekend. Who know? I might have to import this thing into the Chiefs Den for catching a nap between cases.

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