Meo Bit

Jan 2, 2009

Ann Tancio


Something I long ago would have a “puff” of these, which can be very good to use the notebook, read a book or watch TV. Received Sumo staff a unit Gamer model to test, and I’m using a few weeks ago.

My first concern would come a huge box. Actually arrived a little box containing the cover and urethane foam into a compressed block. It was enough to open the hood and start to undo one urethane block, and within minutes the product was ready for use. The cover made of a very resistant and soft tissue, which can even be washed. What I do not even know how I could remove the flakes inside the case without making a huge uproar.

The use of the “bag” (found in the better word) quite comfortable. I think that the cover could keep fit a little better, because with time the deal gets somewhat flattened. So I prefer to put it supported on some mobile, so it is best to use. I spent long periods reading and using the computer in it, and have other complaints. The model I asked to stay on in a way to sit, but there are other models that are made more for sitting positions.

Thanks to the Supreme for the opportunity of analysis. The puffs cost between $ 199 and $ 399 on their website.

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