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May 12, 2005

Ann Tancio


Sumo Lounge’s chair is a modern take on comfy beanbag furniture.  Ottomans are also available.

Return of the humble beanbag

Squishy chairs at home in modern decor schemes

By Sandy Garcia

The humble beanbag chair may have had its asethetic moment in the sun during the 1970s, but interior decorators say its comfort factor is the reason people are now rediscovering it.

Jeffery Fisher, co-host and decorator of W Network’s Arresting Design, says beanbag chairs offer a great alternative for people with back problems who have a hard time finding a place and position to sit in.

“They’re so comfortable.  We have one of those elongated ones at the cottage, and watching a movie in it is like a little piece of heaven,” says Fisher.

They mould to the shape of your back and they’re not heavy, so you can move them around quite easily.  They’re not just for kids anymore, adults can enjoy them too.  I certainly understand the popularity, and from a pratical standpoint they’re terribly serviceable.”

Though many people likely wouldn’t be too keen on adding a boldly striped colored beanbag chair to their living room decor, they are happy to use such furniture in casual rooms like a rec room, TV room, family lounge or even a kid’s bedroom.

Evelyn Eshun, interior designer for Artella Interiors, says beanbag chairs come in various shapes and sizes but in general, they look like a blob, which gives them a casual feel appropriate to more contemporary or transitional decors.

Eshun says one of the reasons for their growing popularity is because of their connotations.


“They’re comfortable womb-like and give us a child-like feel,” she says.

Andrew Milligan, co-partner for Sumo Lounge, which manufactures beanbag chairs and footstools, claims that his company’s products are the only ones out there to be approved by chiropractors.

“They can be set up and used in over 10 different ways and they’re an ideal solution for reducing the factors that damage spinal discs and ligaments in your back,” says Milligan.  Visit for more information.


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