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Dec 8, 2008

Ann Tancio


Sumo Omni Chair Review

First of all though, Sumo Oni Chair is HUGE. I was thinking to carry it from my office (shipping address) to my home when it gets delivered, which is a 15-minute walk. Its dimension is 4.5′ x 5.5′ and it weighs around 18 lbs (around 8 kilograms).

Thankfully, I changed my mind and I’m sure you will to, when you look at the size as you can see here on my photo of the chair upon arrival:



I chose the Charcoal Green color, which is a mixture of dark green and light gray, but there are other colors available in which you can choose.

Sumo Omni Chair – Endless possibilities

Sumo Omni Chair is “moldable”. You can practically shape the chair to a various combination of possibilities:


If you are expecting ordinary polystyrenes found inside the chair, then you will be disappointed. The Sumo Omni Chair is filled with top quality virgin polystyrene foams. They are much tinier than the beads that you usually find inside a cheap bean bag.



Try not to open the bag unless when you want to fill it in with more beads. The first time my friend tried to open the bag, some beads flew over, and I ended up having to vacuum my carpet. Not the chair’s fault though.

As much as creativity goes, here are the best positions that I’ve found with Sumo Omni Chair:






Sumo Omni Chair is probably the ultimate bean bag that you’ve ever dreamed of. It’s moldable and once you sit or lay on it, the chair will adjust itself to your body contour and it stays. It may be hard at first to mold the chair, but after some practice, you’ll be good at it. Some may find that the chair doesn’t come with enough beads so be prepared to buy more beads after you give it a go for a few days.

Sumo Omni Chair is perfect for the lounge room while playing your console game and it’s also perfect on your bedroom next to the wall while you are watching a movie on your computer.

All of these don’t come cheap though. Sumo Omni Chair costs around $150 (+$50 for extra beads if you want it). However, if you are looking for an ultimate bean bag chair, have a go at Sumo Omni!

To find out more about Sumo Omni Chair and other products from Sumo Lounge, head off to

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