Microsoft chooses Sumo

Nov 23, 2012

Ann Tancio

Sumo Lounge is proud to be supplying seating to the Windows 8: Pure Imagination event.

Sumo was recently approached as the international leader and brand in the beanbag industry.


“We are happy to be supplying Omni chairs for use at this great event and look forward to future partnerships with Microsoft”

— Alex Bastian, Marketing at Sumo Lounge


“I think it will bring a great vibe to the event and to the attendees, especially considering this is the perfect seat for hackers to snuggle up in while they code for hours on end…sometimes days!”

                                                                                 — Deanna Burger, Microsoft


About Windows 8: Pure Imagination

Windows 8: Pure Imagination is an event in Canada that is bringing developers, designers, game builders, startups and students together to explore the possibilities that Windows 8 has to offer. Pure Imagination is about looking beyond the features to discover possibilities of what can be accomplished when inspiration and technology intersect. With Pure Imagination, we are welcoming our attendees into an environment that is built on learning, building and connecting to inspire them to build amazing apps.

Pure Imagination will take place over 3 days bringing together industry experts and technical professionals from across Canada together to learn more about the new Windows 8 platform and get hands on with building applications. The target attendance will be 400 in person and thousands online.

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