Miles Burke

Apr 18, 2009

Ann Tancio


Product Review: Sumo Lounge


The original bean bag was created in Italy, back in 1968. An icon throughout the 1970’s, the bean bag is back, and even more comfortable with the arrival of successful bean bag brand, Sumo Lounge, into the Australian market.

I got my hands on an Omni Chair a few weeks ago, and I’m hooked. The size of this 135cm x 165cm (4.5′ x 5.5′) super comfortable seat will make you want to refer to it as something other than a bag. Think of it as more a lounge, filled with beans. Perhaps ‘bean bag furniture‘ would be an apt phrase?

Showing my age, I recall the bean bag craze of the late seventies, and now I understand what all those retro hipsters were on about. The first time I put the filling in (I used 300 litres of beans, and it could possibly do with some more), I climbed in and didn’t want to move. The whole family are now fighting over who gets a turn, yet the massive size means that both Miss 5 and Master 8 can both chill out on it in front of their favourite TV shows, or alternatively Master 9 months and I get to play with his toys, and still have room spare.

The material (Ballistic Nylon for those fabric geeks) is hardy, and held together with some serious triple stitching; the result being that the Omni looks fairly indestructible. The nylon looks easy enough to wipe clean, and the bean insertion area not only comprises a zip, but also enough velcro to make it a challenge for younger ones to even get to the zip.

I can see myself dragging this outside near the pool during the warmer months. Cooler months will see it being used as a spare bed, as well as an ‘in front of the movie’ couch.

I’m thinking the only drawback of this great Sumo Lounge product is that once you’re in it, you don’t want to get out – now you know what to blame for my lack of blogging!

You can get your hands on an Omni (available in five colours) from their online store for $199, which includes delivery. Sumo Lounge now has local presence in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States. They even offer a money back satisfaction guarantee, for the skeptical out there.

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