Dec 23, 2008

Ann Tancio


Sumo Omni – Are You Listening in Comfort?

It’s a bean bag as it is stuffed with millions of little polystyrene beads (beans). What sets this product apart from others is the shell material among other things. The shell is contstructed of Ballistic Nylon which is nylon coated with a PVC material. It makes the shell incredibly strong for the typical abuse that a product like this receives, yet the shell is still smooth to the touch and comfortable to use. The shell is also fairly resistant to spills and stains which is a nice bonus when considering a product like this. Another factor which sets this product apart from the competition is the customer service! Sumo is “all over it” when it comes to satisfying the customer and getting the product to them as fast as possible. Additionally, communication is top notch.

The chair itself, and its design, lends itself to comfort and a multitude of positions with which to use it. It can be laid on, sat on, stood up to resemble a bench or my youngest one’s favorite, made into a “horse” for riding. Sumo itself lays out 10 positions for the chair on their site in case you’re at a loss. As an avid Portable Device User (Geek), I find it great for laying down on to enjoy a video or simply listen to MP3’s or scouring the internet forums. For the iriver crowd, it makes a great “base station” for launching into your favorite player. For those users who are tall or “large”, remember that this is a BIG chair, measuring 4.5ft. x 5.5ft and weighing approx. 18lbs! This reviewer is 6′ 3? and weighs 220lbs and has no trouble stretching out and relaxing.

The Sumo Omni is available from Sumo Lounge in 10 colors and comes with a 6 month warranty and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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