Aug 16, 2006

Ann Tancio


SUMO Omni Bean-Bag Chair Review

I’ve sat in a number of beanbag chairs in my life and I must admit that I’ve never really enjoyed them. I am not sure why, I just never found them comfortable. Nonetheless, a giant box had arrived at the door and it was time to try the Omni out.

The Omni is a giant pillow, more than a bag. At first, it is kind of confounding. What do you do with a giant pillow? Laying it flat didn’t seem to work, so I checked out their website. There they have “10 ways to use it” cleverly shown on the site.

I was shocked; the chair is actually exceedingly comfortable. The only flaw is actually getting out of it again, which can be a struggle. As a piece of furniture, it’s great. It looks nice – ours is black – can be stowed away rather easily and is definitely a comfortable place to watch TV.

In fact, it quickly became the center of attention for any and all visitors. At parties, people actually went so far as to try and drag it upstairs to the bathroom so that no one would steal it in their absence.

This brings us to gaming. None of us around the office play MMORPGs on consoles, so we couldn’t test it with that, but I figure that the concept is much the same as sitting in front of any console game. We have an XBOX, PlayStation 2, GameCube, 3DO (don’t ask) and – until its recent theft – an XBOX 360. The chair got plenty of attention on all the consoles – save maybe the 3DO – and works just as well as it does for TV and movies. When fluffed up properly before sitting in it, the chair is more than sturdy enough to handle the flailing about of SmashBrothers or spirited NHL ’06 tournaments. It is also portable enough to get up close to the screen for gaming and then pushed back for every-day use. Most importantly, for potential MMORPG gamers, it stands the test of time and can handle long gaming sessions without losing much support.

Physical Quality: 5 of 5

The chair is spectacularly produced. The thick outer fabric may well double as a bullet-proof vest. There is no ripping, scratching or tearing this chair (fear not, your living room wont be covered in tiny beans after an accident!). It also seems to be generally spill proof, as everything that we spilled came off without so much as a stain. What’s more, if you’re wearing shorts and it’s the summer, the fabric is also no-stick, which is definitely an improvement over a leather chair.

As a Gaming Chair: 4 of 5

It does most everything you would want for console gaming. It’s light, portable and shockingly sturdy. It loses a point only because it gets less comfortable the taller or heavier the user is and requires you to fluff it up before you sit in it for maximum effect.


The SUMO Omni should appeal to college students and dens. I cannot see it in my grandmother’s living room anytime soon. That said, I’d definitely recommend it as comfortable and portable furniture for children, teens and college students. As a console gaming chair, it does everything you can dream of. Parents should like it too, as it could be easily tucked away and seems to be entirely spill-proof.

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