Aug 14, 2006

Ann Tancio


Everyone loves their pillow, everyone loves beanbags.. now combine the two, make it the size of a door & strong enough to withstand people leaping onto it from great distances. This is essentially the Omni & this is what we have to giveaway!

Imagine a bean bag chair of such impressive size that a single person cannot carry without sinking beneath its mighty edges. You fall into the chair and it folds up around you, like a mother’s warm embrace. Or perhaps your significant other would like to sit with you, sharing a romantic moment.

The Omni can accommodate. The Omni knows no bounds.

You may think I am getting carried away here, but when it arrived all boxed up and barely fit through my door, I was already in awe. When it took my brother, my girlfriend, and I all working in tandem to free the mighty thing from its protective plastic wrapping, I was afraid. And when I hit it at a dead fall, cushioning my weight from a dead drop onto hardwood floor, I was in love.

The Omni is how bean bags should be designed – built tough and yet versatile, the Omni can form any position, fit any size, and yields only enough to accommodate you. It can be difficult to store the thing and family members will wonder just what possessed you to attain something built in the gaudy American spirit to do everything bigger, greater and as ostentatious as humanly possible, but my god, is it ever comfy.

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