Dec 9, 2006

Ann Tancio


Sumo “Omni” Lounge Chair

It’s a bean bag chair. But not just any cheap 70s-era vinyl relic that shoots little white foam pellets everywhere. No sir … the Sumo is just plain comfy and downright cool.

Some quick key facts:

* It’s built incredibly well.
* It’s insanely comfy.
* My 3-year old boy thinks it’s the absolutely coolest thing ever.
* It’s attractive enough that my wife actually lets it stay in plain sight. This last bit actually says a whole lot!


It’s a huge (over 4×5-feet in size) pillow made out of industrial-strength nylon in fashionably trendy colors. My guess is it takes over 100 feet of their heavy double-stitching to containing the tiny foam beads. There is no zipper, just simple, lowfi and strong construction, topped off by a cool oversized tag of the visually appealing logo. If you ever see foam escaping from this sucker, my guess is that you’ve got much larger issues on your hands than a mess; I don’t see how you could blow a seam or tear the sucker. They deserve bonus points for making it so stain resistant I’m calling it stain proof (and frequently tested by kiddos).

Squish it around into any shape you’d like. The first time you sit in it, you realize that these guys and gals at Sumo are on to something. In talking to Andrew from the company, he kept saying it’s the worlds most comfortable chair. And outside of some zero gravity thing at the International Space Station, I’m convinced he’s right. It forms exactly to you, and once you’re “in position” it supports you perfectly. Watching the tube, reading, crashing for a quick cat nap and lounging in general just became a lot more comfortable. I’ve actually consciously caught myself thinking, “Oh! I’ll go sit in the Sumo!”
Landing Pad

My little boy loves this thing. His favorite activity that’s lasted for months: leap from the couch and land on the Sumo. I taught him the Nestea plunge, which lead to his leaping ability and creativity advancing to a whole new level, complete with spins and twists. And much to my wife’s chagrin. Thankfully, the Sumo landing zone provides adequate surface area for my stunt-man-in-training. His best friend is now on the act too (friend on left):



As alluded to above, my wife actually allows a bean bag chair to stay in plain sight – even when there’s company over! You can see lots of visuals on their site.

Worth the approximate $150 price-tag ($130 w/ free shipping for Christmas)? You bet. Would I buy another one (if we had the room)? Definitely. This one is a winner and recommended. And in the spirit of having a rating system for what I hope becomes a series of reviews, I give this 4.5 out of 5 starts (minor deduction for not being an electronic gadget).

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