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Nov 13, 2011

Ann Tancio

Holiday Gift Guide 2011 #4: Sumo Lounge Omni Bean Bag Chair Review & Otto Bean Bag Giveaway

Our family spends a lot of time together in our family room. It’s where we watch tv, play with toys, read and just enjoy each others company. We have found that even when visitors are over, this is the room we use most. For that reason, we want to make sure we have plenty of seating and that it’s a comfortable and relaxing place to hang out for both kids and adults alike. That’s why I couldn’t have been more thrilled when introduced to Sumo Lounge!




Sumo Lounge is an online bean bag furniture store founded in 2004. Over the years they have grown and become a brand people recognize as stable, successful and one they can trust for bean bags that are high quality, comfortable and affordable!

When I first visited Sumo Lounge, I was impressed with the large selection of bean bag furniture offered. Whether a person is looking for something big, small, colorful, neutral, etc….they really do have something for everyone! I was especially drawn to the Omni bean bag chair and couldn’t have been happier to learn we were going to have the opportunity to review one.




The Omni bean bag chair is the original super-sized beanbag from Sumo. Available in a variety of colors, I spent quite a bit of time looking through them before finally deciding on Funky Brown. The bright colors would be perfect for a child’s room, playroom and even a dorm room, but I thought the brown color would be a great neutral color for our family room and other living spaces. I was right!

When the Omni bean bag chair arrived, I couldn’t have been happier with the color. It stood out right away and was exactly what I was hoping for. It goes perfectly with the other furniture and decor in our home and is something I don’t mind having out when company comes over.




Aside from the great color, I was also impressed with the large size. Measuring 4.5′ x 5.5′, this beanbag chair offers enough space for more than one person to sit in it, easily! The neat thing is, it may be large, but it does not weigh much at all…just 18 lbs! My 4 year old daughter has pulled it from room to room with ease.

Knowing how much use this bean bag chair was going to get, I was also happy to see what great quality it is as well. Between the durability of the nylon, as well as the fact that it’s rip-proof and easy to clean had me convinced from the start this was going to last us a very long time! Of course, after checking out all the details…the kids were very excited to try it out. I have to admit, so was I!





Filled with top quality Sumo beads, this bean bag is probably the most comfortable I’ve ever sat in before. And, although relaxing, it’s also firm at the same time. I love this, as it gives great support no matter how you’re sitting or laying and conforms to whoever is sitting in it, no matter their size.




My favorite feature of the Omni Bean Bag Chair would definitely have to be the fact that it can be configured in at least 10 different positions. With little effort, it can be transformed from a chair to sit in, a place to lay and relax, and more!




In the time we’ve had our bean bag chair, we’ve used it daily! The kids absolutely love laying it flat and watching tv on it! It’s the perfect size for each of them….even Daddy has joined them and they all three fit easily. What a great way to spend quality family time together.




Kaden enjoys reading books and playing on the beanbag as well. In fact, he finds it so comfortable that I recently walked in and found him sleeping. I love that they have such a comfortable place to lay and hang out.




My husband and I like using it more in the form of a chair. This is the position I find offers the most support and is very comfortable when hanging out and watching TV. It’s my husband’s new chair of choice when Sunday football rolls around each week!

Whether it’s for lounging in the living room, sitting in while playing video games, or relaxing next to the fireplace…the Omni Bean bag Chair is exactly what we’ve been needing in our home. It’s extremely durable, versatile and best of all…comfortable! Having used it so much in the past month, I can’t believe we went so long without it.

Having two young children, there are a couple of other features I really appreciate. The first is the fact that I don’t have to worry about any of the Sumo beads falling out. They are securely sealed in with a zipper and very strong Velcro! This was one of my concerns, and I have been so happy that it hasn’t been an issue at all! Even I have a hard time getting it open, so I know I don’t have to worry about the kids messing with it at all. It’s even hidden a bit so they don’t pay any attention to it.




Of course, the other thing any parent with little ones needs, is for their furniture to be easy to clean. The nylon cover makes the Omni just that! My kids have spilled on it, and with just soap and water I am able to easily clean it up without having to worry that the material will get ruined. Just another reason why I foresee this being around for a very long time! Even with all of the use it has already gotten, it still looks like new.

As you can probably tell, we have been very happy with the Omni Bean bag Chair! Anyone who has visited comments on what a great piece of furniture it is, and how much they would like to have one in their home. Of course, at that point I direct them to SumoLounge where they can find it at almost $100 less than competitors. And, with free shipping and 100% satisfaction guarantee…a person really can’t go wrong! It’s definitely a product I would recommend and think it would make an amazing gift this Christmas for kids, teens and adults alike!

As I said, the Omni is just one of many great bean bag chairs offered at Sumo Lounge. I really like the look of the Otto. It is a great size that makes it the perfect kid-sized small bean bag chair, as well as a terrific bean bag ottoman. It only weighs 5 lbs and like the Omni, is made with rip-proof nylon and contains high quality Sumo beads.




Buy It: You can purchase the Omni Bean Bag Chair for $149 at

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