momfinds review the Sumo Omni

Jul 17, 2009

Ann Tancio


Get Your Kids to Stop Jumping on the Couch with The Sumo Omni

What: Sumo Omni Bean Bag Chair

Why: If your kid uses his bed as a trampoline or your favorite couch as a diving board, check out The Sumo Omni Bean Bag.  Part furniture and part play thing, it’s not only a great place to sit and read a book, but also a good way to burn off some extra energy.  My little karate kid treats it like a sparring partner (who doesn’t fight back)—complete with flying kicks, punches and chops to mold it into the perfect shape where he can “chillax” and unwind.

It’s covered in a tough, rip-proof nylon exterior, so it can really take a beating, and it measures over four feet by five feet, which is plenty of room for one or two karate kids.  Choose from 10 fun colors—Sumo sent me the brown one and it looks good in the living room and the play room.

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