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Jun 19, 2007

Ann Tancio

The Ultimate Crash Pad for Families


So what is a Sumo Lounge Omni? Really it’s just a big (very generous – 4 5′ x 5 5′!) ballistic nylon pillowcase filled with polystyrene balls. AKA – a “bean” bag. But these are not to be confused with the bean bags of our youth as they are light years ahead.

For starters there is the filling. The little polystyrene balls that fill the Sumo allow you to bend and mold this big pad into myriad shapes. Fold it in half to make a couch. Stand it on end to fashion a chair. You can control the amount of fill for a firmer or softer pad, and inexpensive refills are available from Sumo, should you wish to eventually refill your lounger. Despite its dimensions, it takes up less space than you’d expect and weighs next to nothing – only 18 lbs. So it’s a sofa you can actually sling over your shoulder and carry down the block to a pal’s house. No problem!

And then there is the ballistic nylon coating. A parent’s dream come true. Would you have brought your old beanbags out on the lawn? Or to the park? Probably not. But with the silkily smooth ballistic nylon exterior, stains are a nonexistant worry. We really tested this theory, allowing our kids to sit on their Omni lounge at the school talent show, held one recent friday night on the elementary school field.


The lounge caused quite a stir! And much jealousy and curiousity. At least six kids piled on, with snacks, drinks and dirt and grass covered bare feet. I tried not to cringe – telling myself that if this seating is popular in frat houses, it really ought to stand up to the neighborhood gang! And stand up it did. I’m pleased to report that our lounger was as good as new after a couple of quick swipes with a damp sponge.

So I am pretty much convinced that every family who can find a corner to squish this in, really needs one of these things. It’s so fabulously popular in our house, that even though our test model arrived in a neon orange, it still has pride of place in our tastefully decorated chocolate and blue family room. Note: there are a wide variety of less psychedelic colors to choose from – but feel free to get an attention getting orange one too!

We’re looking forward to bringing Sumo Omni lounges to the beach this summer. And I can see us sitting on them at the community outdoor movies, while watching 4th of July fireworks, and while entertaining friends both indoors and outside. It’s a great spot for my two yr old son to nap when I visit my parents, and seats an adult and a child comfortably for cuddle time. My oldest considers it her personal gaming pad for Ms. Pacman sessions and my 7 yr old daughter turns it into a horse that she rides through imaginary forests. My husband, when lucky enough to secure it for his own personal use, can be found snoring there with a book on his face. He’s stopped trying to figure out how to rig a hammock in the yard.

Here’s the best news of all. Sumo Lounge Omnis are currently on sale! At $129 with free shipping, it’s a buy you will be sure not to regret. If you have a minute to watch this cute video, you’ll get some more ideas of ways to play with your lounger. And the box too!

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