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Sep 18, 2006

Ann Tancio


The Sumo Omni Lounge Chair

Seeing my son off to college brought a tear to my eye. You’d think I’d be used to this, it is his third semester already! This time was different…he was taking my Sumo Omni Lounge Chair with him. I am going to miss that chair!

This is no ordinary bean bag chair. It’s furniture that conforms to your needs. It is extremely moldable.which makes it easy to use as a chair, a lounge, or a full size sleep pillow. This is an all-in-one comfort spot, the place to relax..and now it is gone.

It has a new life in a Penn State dorm room, with rave reviews from college guys and girls as the one piece of dorm furniture you can’t do without. The first thing my son and his fellow product testers did was to check out the different positions, and from what they say.they’re endless.

You can very comfortably use it for lounging, playing video games, doing homework, making out (yes, it fits two quite nicely), and other things I truly did not want to know about so starting singing “lalalalalaaaa” into the phone (hey, this is my kid!).

One of the major perks for dorm use is it’s flexibility as far as how much room it takes up. In full upright position, it takes up less space than a regular chair. It is easy to clean, and only needs fluffed when you change the position. With eight different colors to choose from (Pitch Black, Platinum, Charcoal Green, Fiery Red, Tangerine, Pure White, Hot Pink, and Midnight Blue) you’re sure to be able to match any dcor. With a satisfaction guarantee that can’t be beat, an affordable price, and free shipping to boot there just isn’t anything not to love about the Sumo Omni Chair.

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