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Sep 14, 2006

Ann Tancio


I received a Sumo Omni a couple of weeks ago to try out and review for this website. I received a fiery red Omni and Otto.

The Otto is simply a shorter word for ottoman, while the Omni is defined as a “chair + lounge + loveseat + floor pillow” on their website.

Filled with sumo beads and made with rip-proof nylon, the Omni is surprisingly light for its dimensions (4.5′ x 5.5′) as it weighs only 18 pounds. It easily fills each description that the website says it is – and more. It can easily be a chair – just stack it upright, and sit down. Or stack it horizontally, and it is a lounge. Two people can sit on it and it becomes a loveseat. Or simply lay it out on the ground and you’ve got a floor pillow, perfect for sleeping comfortably.

I live with four roommates, and each of them have used the Omni at one point – not to test it out, but simply to use it. One sat in it when all the seats were taken, one used it to lie down on the floor to play Madden 2007 up close and personal with the television. One used it as extra padding on the futon, and one used it as a footrest – yes, a footrest. You can find more pictures at the Omni’s website, where if you mouse over the pictures under “What’s your favorite position?” you can see examples. Believe me, there are many more positions you can use.

Another footrest that comes with the Omni is the Otto, and its lightweight similarity to the Omni is excellent. While it is not as malleable (if at all) as the Omni, it easily can be tossed around the room to rest your feet on or to simply sit on. It also does not take up much space, as it has a 50 centimeter radius.

The Omni and Otto come in a variety of colors – pitch black, charcoal green, platinum, midnight blue, fiery red, tangerine, pure white, and hot pink. The Omni is available for $125.00 if you choose platinum/black, or $149.00 otherwise, which represents a $80 savings over the competitors. The Otto represents a $15 savings as it costs $75.00. The Omni and Otto both come with free shipping. Who do I recommend this for?


Whether you’re a college student with roommates, parents with kids running amok in the house, living in a studio apartment, or just married and living in a quaint little apartment in the city, the Omni and Otto presents many different possibilities. I know I’ve found many uses so far, so give it a try, and see how many uses you can find!

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