Mr Gadget Australia

Jul 4, 2009

Ann Tancio


Sumolounge Omni [Beanbag] Review

Andrew from Sumo was kind enough to provide me with a Sumolounge Omni to review. Admittedly, I expected to receive your normal garden variety beanbag except with a Sumo brand on it and without any filling. Instead, on a Saturday evening, I received a fully filled navy-colored super versatile Sumolounge Omni! This thing is huge!

My daughters immediately took a liking to it – jumping on it like a trampoline. Thankfully it’s made out of thick rip-proof nylon which looks like it could survive this type of treatment for many years. I personally like the reinforced stitching which means a very low chance of beanbag filling spilling all over the place.

Because it’s shaped like a pillow, you can position it in more ways than your conventional beanbag. You can use it as a chair or use it as a compact bed. Perfect for the loungeroom.

If you’re in the market for a high quality sturdy bean bag or if you can’t afford a decent lounge suite than I highly recommend the Sumolounge Omni. Great work Sumo

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