My Confined Space

Oct 17, 2007

Ann Tancio


Sumo Omni Bean Bag

When I came back, I found that the bag had been delivered to my door in a box about the same size as my couch. I promptly tore it open to find the bean bag in the box. This was not surprising, but what was surprising was the size of the damn thing. It’s hueg. Larger then an x-box hueg. And it’s not really just a bean ‘bag’, because it has structure to it, so if you have a bad back, you can squish and mush it so that you have plenty of back support. Luckily, the thing was delivered right before my x-box 360 got the most playing it’s gotten yet due to a little game called halo 3, and I was able to sit in the Omni for hours and hours on end. The fabric isn’t plastic or just cloth, some form of “space age rip-proof nylon” and come filled with “top quality Sumo Beads”. Those beads tend to insulate you a little, but they also breath enough that there’s no overheating issues, so you don’t have to worry about having a sweaty ass after a marathon session of Viva Pinata.

An added benefit that I didn’t foresee : My roomies have kids, one that’s just starting to roll around. With the proper configuration, the Omni is a fairly competent baby holder. So, while the kid is sleeping, she’s not going to roll around onto the ground.

And the last unforeseen advantage of the Omni is that we can just throw it behind the couch when it’s not being used, and it’s pretty much out of the way. I’d imagine that if I had one of these back when I was living in a dorm (for. 2. damn. years.) this chair would have been a better choice then sitting on top of my computer case while playing half life. Yeah, I owned a computer big enough to sit on. How awesome is that? My only other option was to stand, or to sit on my bed, but I was on the top bunk, so cross that option off.

So, in summery : Sumo Omni good for me playing 360, and for babies and dorms, maybe not babies IN dorms though. Might be good for making babies in dorms, hmmm..

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