My Death Space

Oct 7, 2006

Ann Tancio


Wow, I am such a slacker. In any case, here are my thoughts:

The Omni by Sumo Lounge is a great conversation piece. When I have guests over at my apartment, the first thing they ask is, “What the hell is that?” Of course they’re referring to the Omni beanbag. That huge blue monster sitting in the corner of my dwarf-sized apartment is the perfect place to pass out after a long night of partying. If I were a few years younger, it would be right in front of the television and witness to countless hours of video game use.

This thing is big. Much better than the old school beanbag chairs of yesteryear. A few weekends after receiving my Omni, a friend of mine passed out on it after an intense “Beer Pong” tournament. He emailed me the next day and said he slept like a baby and he reported zero back pain. He did leave a decent sized drool stain on my precious blue Omni, but it came out easily with a damp washcloth.

Would I recommend the Omni to someone looking for a new age beanbag chair? Yes! Would I like an entire room filled with Omni beanbag chairs? Yes! Would I like an entire room filled with Omni beanbag chairs and scantily clad women? Yes! Yes! Yes!

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