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Oct 13, 2006

Ann Tancio


SumoLounge Omni and Otto Chair Review

I’m tired of reviewing stuffy bank products. How about some cool urban furniture instead?

At first glance, it just seems like a bean bag chair. But has your beanbag chair been featured at the Sundance Film Festival, MTV’s Real World and HGTV, and at the same time able to withstand the wrath of a 100-lb Bernese Mountain Dog who likes to dig? I think not.


The best way to describe the Omni is a premium bean bag chair gone trendy. It truly is the best bean bag I’ve ever sat on. Offered in a bunch of cool colors from black to hot pink, I really don’t know why but the Fiery Red totally called out to me.

I say premium because it is made with “space age rip-proof nylon”. I don’t know what NASA thinks, but the material is definitely high quality. Think North Face backpack material. My Bernese Mountain dog buddy likes to sleep on it, but also tries to rip it open beforehand. What’s with dogs and digging before sleeping? Anyhow, the material held up great, and you can just wipe any doggie dirt off with a wet towel. Berner-Approved!

Are traditional bean bag chairs filled with beans? Well this ain’t, as I found out when I opened the zipper out of curiosity. It’s filled with billions of tiny little styrofoam beads, which make it reasonably light (18 lbs.) and also more comfortable than I remember my childhood beanbag chairs to be.

Yes, it’s just plain comfortable. Really! Maybe a bit too comfortable, as I keep falling asleep on it while trying to study. Okay, so I was surfing WiFi. I’m not a gamer, but I can just see this as the perfect chair for those XBox-jockeys.

What I really wish I had this for is when I lived in college dorm. I mean, who doesn’t want to sit in a bean bag chair? Definitely would help making your room the place to hang out! It’s a good size (4.5 x 5.5 ft) so two people can fit.



Surprisingly, I actually use the cylindrically-shaped Otto the most out of the two. Mainly because the dang dog is always on the Omni, but also as it lower than the coffeetable and more comfortable to put my feet on. It’s made of out of the same material and filling as the Omni.
No, my little dog doesn’t hang out on the Otto. I just make him sit and there and take pictures because I’m mean But it does serve as an extra seat when my wife has her friends over to watch The Bachelor. Ack!



Starting at $129 including shipping for the Omni, these ain’t cheap. But they are really nice. The Otto is $75 with free shipping. It’s backed with the following guarantee, which even covers return shipping.

Let’s make this simple.

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. If our product proves not to be the best beanbag you’ve ever sat in, contact us within one week of use with the order number and your problems.

If we can’t make it better, we’ll refund you your money – all of it.

Get One Free!

Keep an eye out for an free Omni chair giveaway generously sponsored by SumoLounge in the next few weeks! I also have a interview with the entrepreneurial owner of SumoLounge, Andrew.

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