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Aug 20, 2012

Ann Tancio

Video: Sumo Sultan Bean Bag, Purity Pros, Coloud Boom – filmed/pics by Nokia Lumia 925 and Pro Cam Photoshoot

Jay Montano | August 19, 2013 | 3 Replies

MNB WP_20130818_17_02_22_ProSumo Sultan

Hey guys, final bit of accessories stuff from the schedules posts today. This one is to show off the Sumo Sultan Bean Bag. Now the Nokia Connection? Nokia loves Bean Bags! They had them at Nokia World, Nokia Connects office has them, Nokia Lounge at Nokia HQ and of course, Nokia’s got a wireless charging accessory that is a mini bag. Around this time last year we showcased a bean bag from Sumo Lounge, filmed on the Nokia 808 PureView. It would have been interesting to do a similar video with the 1020 (with PureView) but of course, that’s not available yet in the UK and so we don’t have one.


I got a couple of my housemates, Nick and Mary to demo this bean bag called Sumo Sultan. We were asked originally to try out the huge Emperor one but that wasn’t available in the UK yet either!

All pictures and videos here are taken on the Nokia Lumia 925 with Nokia Pro Cam App. Settings are completely in Auto as we were rushing to finish this and all the errands needed to do before moving to Blackburn for the next hospital placement.

They’re also using both the Nokia Coloud Boom and Nokia Purity Pros. Which do you like the look of better?

The Sumo Sultan is made of shredded foam, not technically the beans in a bean bag. It’s very soft and firm, more like a mattress really. As you can see in the pics, quite large, able to fit 2 comfortably or even 3-4 at a push.

It’s heavy mind, like a mattress.

MNB WP_20130818_17_03_19_ProSumo SultanMNB WP_20130818_17_02_02_ProSumo Sultan

MNB WP_20130818_17_03_34_ProSumo SultanMNB WP_20130818_17_04_00_ProSumo SultanIt’s big enough to sleep on.

MNB WP_20130818_17_05_23_ProSumo SultanMNB WP_20130818_17_06_09_ProSumo Sultan

Perfect for lounging about in the house. It’s one of the favourite pieces for movie nights.MNB WP_20130818_17_07_44_ProSumo SultanMNB WP_20130818_17_09_14_ProSumo SultanMNB WP_20130818_17_10_56_ProSumo SultanMNB WP_20130818_17_11_37_ProSumo SultanMNB WP_20130818_17_11_52_ProSumo SultanMNB WP_20130818_17_02_22_ProSumo SultanMNB WP_20130818_17_03_19_ProSumo SultanMNB WP_20130818_17_02_02_ProSumo SultanMNB WP_20130818_17_03_34_ProSumo SultanMNB WP_20130818_17_04_00_ProSumo Sultan

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