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Jan 26, 2006

Ann Tancio


Product Review: The Sumo Omni

Once the Sumo Omni was out of the box I quickly realized this was one tough piece of urban furniture. The claim of a rip-proof nylon cover is a very believable one. Think of the bean bags you and your friends had when you were kids now think of that bean bag covered in a near Kevlar shell; imagine what you could do with it. That’s the Sumo Omni; durable, flexible and form-fitting.

I laid the Sumo Omni flat on the floor in our living room and decided to test this durability. I told my five-year-old daughter and amateur gymnast to have at it. Running jumps, head rolls, belly flops, and the list of punishment the Omni took goes on and on. Not only was the Omni holding up to the test but it was laughing in the face of my daughter. Another thing I noticed is that the Omni, after that extensive torture test, didn’t move around on the floor. It was literally holding itself down to the floor. It certainly wasn’t because of its weight. Coming at under eighteen pounds it’s one of the lightest pieces of furniture in my home.

I decided to set it up in my daughter’s room as a much needed place for two adults or an adult and child to sit. We tested and utilized the Sumo Omni extensively for a week. We played video games, read stories, brushed hair and any number of tasks that you would think could be accomplished on a sofa, love seat, or chair.

The Sumo Omni held in place like we expected it to and provided a very comfortable place to sit in a room that didn’t have a good place for a 6’4″ guy like myself to relax before. In addition, the Omni will make a perfect spare bed for my daughter’s friends and young family members.

All in all, I’d say that with the addition of shaping instructions the Sumo Omni would be a formidable opponent for anyone looking for a mid-sized piece of furniture to put in their living room, den, or playroom. It’s an excellent piece of urban furniture that could have an infinite number of uses in any home.

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