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Aug 22, 2006

Ann Tancio


I just got a Sumo Omni chair thing and I thought I’d tell your about it.

Back in the days when I was a 3ft tall twerp, my parents bought me a cheap beanbag covered with prints of what looked like a farmer on a amphetamine binge. Even though the thing looked, smelled and felt like a miniature Jabba the Hutt, it was my favorite piece of furniture in the entire house. Something about the ambiguous beanbaggy shape that it had was both comforting and inviting at the same time.

The Omni seems to have kept those same traits that make beanbags so inviting while adding an extra few dashes of versatility and style. Instead of offering only one or two basic stoned out sitting positions, this invention can be used for many different purposes that involve different levels of uprightness. By rearranging the stuffing inside the bag I was able to create about 8 distinct sitting arrangements. All of them were extremely comfortable, even the ones that let me use my laptop freely. Even after several hours of uninterrupted chillaxing, the seat felt surprisingly good.

The black version that I got does look decent in casual settings. Maybe a blonde model posing on it would do the trick. Actually, I’ve brought in two chicks to help me break it in. If you flatten it out, we all could fit on it. They really loved it and wanted to take it home with them. No way, this one’s all mine!

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