N.Design Studio

Sep 25, 2006

Ann Tancio


It took me a while before I finally decided to choose a color, because there are too many beautiful colors available. As a designer, I think Sumo did a great job with the color selection because color is everything!

Four days later, Omni arrived in my front door by FedEx courier. It was packed in a very big box (about the size of a freezer) and wrapped with a thick plastic bag. I unpacked it and my first impression was “Wow, that is a very big pillow!”. I quickly jumped on it and tried many different positions. The advertisement live up to its words, it is very comfortable. The great thing is that the cover is made of nylon, so it doesn’t collect dust or pet fur. And most surprising feature is its weight, it is so light that even my three-year old nephew can drag it around easily. The Omni has became my favorite chair for playing PS2 games, watching TV, reading magazine, and surfing online.

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