National Ledger

Dec 21, 2006

Ann Tancio


Break Room Naps at the Office with My New Sumo

Life in the world of life as an intern in the world of entertainment reporting sometimes leaves one in need of a quick forty winks in the office (don’t these people ever sleep) and always skeptical. So when I was told that we had a new ‘bean bag’ chair in the media room of the offices I could only think that management didn’t want us sleeping back there any more and that they were also too cheap to buy any real furniture.

But I was pleasantly surprised when I first tried out something called the Sumo lounger. After trying it out I found out that it wasn’t even cheap at all or even close to the typical bean bag chair, it was actually quite comfortable for sitting and even more so for taking a nap.

It’s basically a large pillow that you can shape and mold however you wish.

Since I first saw on it when I was tired, I laid it out nearly flat and caught a quick nap. It was perfect for that. Since then, I’ve seen it used by the gamers in the office with the x-box and the news nuts have use it to actually do what our media room is supposedly designed for by making it into a chair and using the ottoman to catch news reports.

Imagine that. Using my newly learned talents as a researcher I actually visited the website for the product and found out that they have all of the positions laid out there as well. As a college student it would be perfect for my tiny little off campus apartment. I have pretty much commandeered the Sumo for myself the last few days at the office.

I wonder if anyone will notice if I take it home during the Christmas holiday.

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