Aug 13, 2014

Ann Tancio

Phoenotopia Pre-Release is Live!26 minutes agoReply

The Phoenotopia Pre-Release is now available to NG users with supporter status! If you’re a supporter, please take the opportunity to play Phoenotopia ahead of the official release next week and PM Quells122 with feedback and bug reports! Even if you don’t have any suggestions or bugs but enjoy the game, I’m sure Quells would love to hear that too. As you get deeper and deeper into the game you will probably start saying “This might be the best web game ever!”, at which point it would be cool if you shared those thoughts on social media and maybe we’ll retweet you and stuff. Everyone else, fear not! The public release is in one week, Wednesday, August 20th. For now, enjoy this launch trailer. With help from an AS3 GameInput API tutorial by BoMToons, Quells122 added gamepad support! I’ve been playing with an Xbox controller and IT IS AWESOME! To activate gamepad support, press SPACE during play, click the button for Gamepad support and then press a button on your gamepad so the game locates it. It would search by default but there is a performance hit that is a known issue on the Flash side. Also don’t click the fullscreen button on the SPACE menu at the moment, it isn’t working but hopefully will be soon! If you’re excited for the official launch of Phoenotopia next week, Follow Quells122 and it will show up in your feed the moment it is published. Also be sure you are receiving NG emails if you’d like to get a nightly digest of new entries by artists you follow. Here’s a pic of me enjoying Phoenotopia with a gamepad. I’m lounging in the Omni Reloaded, the latest offering from Sumo.Whenever a new Sumo lounger comes along, they send some to the NG office and I post pictures, like I did with the OmniSultan,Sway and Solace. We have a lot of Sumo stuff at the office.

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