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Jun 8, 2007

Ann Tancio

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Sumo Lounge ‘Omni’ chair

By Keith Lowell Jensen

Every few years, someone tries to reintroduce the bean bag to popular culture. Usually such efforts utilize a retro appeal, but Sumo offers a new suped up bean bag for the 21st century. Gone are the soft, fluffy sacks of yesteryear. This little number is a regular transformer. It’s a lounge chair. It’s a love seat. It’s a big pillow made of stain-resistant fabric. And it’s durable. A sample model was put to the test for this review and could not be torn without the help of power tools. As for stain resistance, it did indeed clean up easily when exposed to chocolate, red wine and even cat urine (bad kitty). The texture of the material, while not pleasant against bare skin, is fine to sleep on with pajamas or a sheet, and it comes in 10 colors–one of which surely will match your IKEA decor.


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