Omni Reloaded: The Launch

Jul 17, 2014

Ann Tancio

Sumo Lounge Releases Most Innovative Product to Date 

Ten years since the launch of Sumo’s best-selling Omni bean bag, the company has released Omni Reloaded; a revolutionary retake on the signature favorite. Launching on the 17th of this month, this sleek, new product was meticulously produced by a team of top industrial designers specializing in contemporary design and comfort.

The stylish lounge chairs are made from sturdy, flexible materials that are waterproof, UV resistant and are as easy to clean as they are stylish. But the real standout feature is the power coated steel frame hinges that allow the user to adjust the chairs in a seamless motion according to personal need.

Available in five contemporary colors (fuchsia, lime, orange, blue and brown), the Omni Reloaded was designed with versatility in mind. Practical outdoor uses include; beaches, swimming pool lounge areas and camping grounds. Indoors, it provides a great option to watch movies on, to surf the net or even to serve as a spare bed for overnight guests. Featuring a convenient matching case for easy storage, the Omni Reloaded will retail at 249 USD.

A leader in bean bag furnishings since 2006, Sumo Lounge wants to continue to innovate in order to maintain their hard-earned reputation for quality. Head of Product Development Richard Brownlee explains, “Our customers are loyal. They buy our products year after year because they appreciate the high-level craftsmanship that goes into making them. Still, it is important to keep up with the trends. Many of our clients lead busy, active lives and need to have products that complement this lifestyle”, he concludes.

Confident they have another best seller on their hands, Sumo Lounge plans to launch their latest creation via their website, a video presentation and social media. Select journalists are also encouraged to test and review the product.

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