Padres’ All-Star Wil Myers In Some Hot Water Over… Video Game Comments

Sep 17, 2018

Brad Ellis


Fortnite has been the gaming story of the summer and pretty much all of 2018. We’ve seen famous musicians, actors, and athletes play this online game, just about every kid in the world is talking about it, and Fortnite, despite being a free game, has earned millions and millions of dollars in revenue. With all that fun, however, has brought some problems. Kids are spending too much time on gaming bean bag chairs, couches, and even the floor playing this game and Fortnite is actually causing major issues between employees and employers.

Major League Baseball players are no exception.

The average gamer spends 6.5 hours each week playing with friends online. But for professional athletes, though historically not considered avid gamers, since they have hours and hours each week in between games and practice, video games are taking up a lot of time. Whether these millionaire athletes are playing on gold-plated gaming bean bag chairs or just a comfy couch, they are playing online just like everyone else. And just like everyone else, major league baseball players complain about their superiors.

For Wil Myers, San Diego Padres’ first basemen and outfielder, he decided to complain about his superior, Padres manager Andy Green, during a live streaming session of Fortnite… yikes.

According to CBS Sports, Myers was caught on a stream he seemingly didn’t know he was on criticizing manager Andy Green for the way he’s pushing his team this late in the season.

“The Padres are doing cutoff and relays tomorrows at 3 o’clock,” Myers said over Triple-A El Paso’s Carlos Asuage’s stream, “in September, dude. Oh my god. It’s so miserable, man. It’s insane. Andy could not be any worse than he is right now.”

Assuage quickly stepped in and stopped Myers from saying anything else about his manager, saying: “Dude, I’m streaming this.”

Myers, former Rookie of the Year and All-Star, was deeply remorseful for his remarks and apologized to his manager right away the next morning.

“I love Andy, and I love playing for him,” Myers said. He’s a guy that has taught me a lot in this game. At times, you get into a mood where you get frustrated, no matter what’s going on with a team or individually, and you say some things you shouldn’t say in a conversation that you think’s private. The reality is, now we’re in 2018. I’m incredibly sorry, obviously to Andy, to my teammates, [and] to the fans. This is a distraction we don’t need.”

The San Diego Padres are last in the NL West and are currently 22.5 behind the first place Colorado Rockies.

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