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Dec 7, 2011

Ann Tancio

Omni Beanbag Chair ~ Holiday Gift Guide



Pawsite-Living-11-3I have really comfortable furniture in our living room with four recliners built in our couch and love seat. When we are watching TV it’s all about being comfortable and relaxed. We have umpteen kids in our family and when they come over they do like to act silly and horse around but not on my furniture, until now.

The Omni Beanbag chair is perfect for a busy household. It’s one of the most comfortable chairs to rest your tired body on. It’s one super big square approx 5.5 x 4.5 feet and is mad out of ballistic nylon which means it’s super durable and super easy to clean (space age rip proof). Greasy smudgy finger marks and sticky juice spills were a snap to wipe off.




It’s filled with top Pawsite-Living-11-4quality high density Virgin Polystyrene foam. It has a sturdy zipper that is shielded by industrial strength velcro. It was nearly impossibly to open the velcro to see the zipper so there is no fear of the kids trying to open the beanbag chair. For the size of the Omni beanbag chair it’s surprisingly only 18 lbs but still to heavy for little kids to move. This is a good thing!

This beanbag chair can tolerate rough use and can be transformed into multiple shapes to suit the user. It was put to the test with many little kids jumping, rolling, hopping, diving and yes even sitting on it. The beanbag chair reacts to any impact and will change form, so every now and then you have to straighten it out and reshape it which takes a few seconds. It was used in every possible shape the kids could think of and they really had a lot of fun doing so.


So many ways to make yourself comfy!!


This awesome beanbag chair would fit in any room. We’ve had it in our living room and it one of our spare bedroom where the kids stay overnight. They’ve even slept on it overnight, just like camping out. Even though it’s quite large you can reshape it to fit any corner in any room. Perfect for a den, school dorm room and in front of a fireplace.

It’s also great if you have pets, the hair just falls off so vacuuming the furniture continually with this user friendly chair. It comes is 10 amazing colors, I got the Charcoal green which is perfect for the colors I have in my home. We really enjoy the Omni beanbag chair and can see it’s going to last a long time.

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