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May 2, 2013

Ann Tancio

SumoLounge Beanbag Chair Giveaway

Do you remember as a kid running and jumping on top of your bed until your parents reprimanded you for your bad behavior?  I do! We all did it especially when our parents were not home. Kids are no different today, they love to jump on the bed and the couch. Let’s face it, furniture was not built to be abnormally abused. Sitting and laying on the couch is all it can tolerate, so what options do rumbunctious kids have.  The solution is here!

Sumo Lounge is an online site that carries durable bean bag furniture. If you have kids climbing everywhere then this is the perfect site to check out. They carry several different bean bag chairs and their otto chair which is like a stool. All of their products are made from the highest quality fabrics that are designed to withstand heavy use and traffic.


My family had the ultimate pleasure of trying out the Sumo Sultan beanbag chair. I have a steady stream of little kids in and out of my house who, like all kids, like to jump on furniture when they shouldn’t. The Sumo Sultan is a very large bean bag chair, measuring 54″ X 54″ X 42″ that your whole family will thoroughly enjoy. As soon as the kids saw this humongous, monstrous, whopping big bean bag chair, they dived into it and stretched out in sheer delight. It was easy to get four little kids on this chair to watch a movie. The older kids used the Sultan for playing video games. Two adults will fit nicely on this awesome chair and still have some wiggle room. We all loved the feel of the fabric and of course how practical it is for the little kids to goof off on.  It’s so relaxing to sit and lay on and some of the kids have even fallen asleep on it.  The Sultan will gently morph to the shape of your body giving your complete comfort and support.  It’s the coziest chair I’ve sat in and I didn’t want to leave it’s snuggly embrace.

It comes in several different shades of a super soft suede or corduroy. It’s cover is removable and is so easy to clean. Kids seem to miraculously track in dirt or get things sticky. It’s washable and stain resistant so any dirt or debris that found it’s way on the chair was a breeze to wipe or vacuum off.

It keeps it’s shape even with bigger or heavier people sitting on it. The beanbag chairs are super packed with tiny polystyrene foam balls that help keep the chairs shape so nicely. If your chair should lose some of it’s form and need replenishing, you can get a huge bag of Sumo beads to add to your chair.

We think the Sumo Sultan is a perfect addition to our family.  One of their top seller is the Sumo Omni Chair. It comes in 10 awesome colors so it will fit into any decor. Made from rip proof nylon and is super easy to clean.  Perfect for kids!! It’s priced well and will get copious use. Sumo Lounge gives us a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products.  You can’t beat that!

Prize:  Sumo Omni Chair in your choice of color
Open:  US/CAN
Ends:   5/25
Thank you Sumo Lounge for your generosity!!

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