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Dec 14, 2006

Ann Tancio


How We Spend Our Downtime

You think we spend our free time in the office playing games? No. We spend it doing sh*t like this:


What, you may ask, are Dan and Greg doing, exactly? They are reclining in bean bags while wearing bean bag ottomans on their heads. Yeah, it’s silly, but silly is what happens to you when you spend 14 hours a day in an office with the same people while you’re making a magazine. Generally, it takes place between “stressed” and “exhausted,” and is occasionally followed by bouts of uncontrollable tears and a need to eat $10 worth of vending machine snacks.

The bean bags are a recent addition to the PCG lair. We found them while compiling this year’s holiday gift guide–they’re made by a company called Sumo and they are outrageously comfortable. We love them very much, and often want to hug them and call them George (bonus points if you get that reference). They have also engendered a sort of open warfare here in the Future US offices, because *everyone* wants one. Seriously. Former PC Gamer Editor in Chief Dan Morris tried to make off with one, but I caught him in the elevator and stopped him with a swift kick to the kneecap. Maximum PC’s EIC, Will Smith, “dropped by to say hi” and to note that as sister magazines, we should foster a greater culture of sharing, but we sent him packing, too. Even our company president was overheard remarking that the Sumo Lounges looked cool and he wished he had a red one for his office. Except that he’s a very cultured English gentleman, so it probably sounded much more posh, like, “They’re quite lovely. I suppose a red one would look divine in my quarters, don’t you think?”

If we were smart, we’re probably part ways with one of our treasures right now and trip over ourselves to haul that red Sumo Lounge to the office of the prez.

Looks like The Vede is getting right on that.


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