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Nov 18, 2008

Ann Tancio



SumoSac Sultan – Not Your Average Beanbag Chair

I’ll repeat my first line from my last SumoSac review… “This may seem like an odd review for a PDAPhone site, but I think it fits the topic of convergence. As we converge technology, we also want to converge our space around us as well. Would you rather be sitting in a hard wooden chair to watch TV, video game, or browse the net on your PDAPhone…. or sit in a really confortable beanbag? Before you answer that question, let me tell you about the Sumo.”

After a great experience with my first SumoSac beanbag chair, they sent me another one to check out. To say it is “bigger and better” is an understatement. This thing is HUGE! And they even make one that is bigger, although I’m not sure you could move it. Andrew at SumoSac warned me that it would be big, but I was not really grasping just how big. When Fedex delivered it, it looked like a big block in a sac. The block was about 4′ x 2′ x 1′ in size and pretty heavy. When I opened up the sack, I found a really nice feeling khaki colored microsuede cover, and then the block in a separate case which you are not supposed to open. Hidden inside this cube shaped case is a perforated block of shredded furniture grade urethane. The instructions tell you to grab the block and start pulling the urethane apart (while it stays safely in its bag). After about 15 minutes or so, I had it pretty well broken up. I continued to fiddle with a few hunks of it over the first few days of use until I liked the “feel”. You can somewhat tailor the feel depending on how much you break it up. As you break this stuff up, the chair gets bigger and bigger until you have this massive 54″ x 54″ x 52″ beanbag chair. So then you slip on the removable microsuede cover and you are ready to go.

I’ll get right to the point of the matter. This SumoSac Sultan is one seriously comfortable chair. We have a big screen TV and it now has a permanent home in front of it. Our procedure is we take it and roll it around a little to fluff it up, and then turn around and gently fall back into it. You are set for a relaxing show at that point. My kids will do sit in it for hours, and when they have friends over it will easily hold 2 or 3 of them. The only problem is we have to keep the dogs off of it, because they love it too. But no worries, because the removable cover slips off for a washing. The workmanship of this chair is top quality. We’ve been using it now for about six months and it has shown no signs of wear.

The SumoSac is available in four sizes from the 42″ x 42″ x 34″ “Gamer” up to the 86″ x 60″ x 40″ appropriately named “Gigantor”. It is available in five colors – black, khaki, blue, red, or brown. Our “Sultan” is a great size and I can’t imagine one bigger. The one thing I’d recommend is that you bring it to the room that you will be using it in while still in the shipping bag. Once you have it opened up, it is a lot harder to move around the house. I had to bring it upstairs and then down a long haul and through a doorway. It was a bit of work to get it moved. But once it was in place, I had a nice place to relax.

I highly recommend the SumoSac, and the other bags as well. If you are looking for an unusual piece of casual furniture for browsing the net on your PDAPhone, then check out the SumoSac at

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