pickled politics

Dec 22, 2008

Ann Tancio


Weekend reviews: Sumo Omni & Blackberry Storm

In a break from the normal current affairs coverage, this weekend some reviews might be more interesting, of new things I’ve acquired recently.

The first on my list is the Sumo ‘Omni’ – which I was sent a few months ago.

Basically I wanted one of these because I didn’t want another chair in my room, but I hate sitting on the bed – so a compromise between the two.

In that, the Sumo Omni is perfect even though it doesn’t come cheap. For sitting and reading, or just lounging around in your room this Super-sized pillow” is perfect.


Obviously that’s not me in the picture, which is taken from their website. But the point is, don’t try any hanky-panky on the bag – it won’t work (not that I’ve tried, yet). The Omni is quite fairly light, about 10kg, but quite versatile. You can change its shape around quite easily depending on how you want to sit. Works as a big present for someone I think.


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