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Dec 12, 2011

Ann Tancio

Sumo Omni Gamer Chair Review – Or, How We Sold Out for a Free Bean Bag


Silly titles aside, the good guys over at Sumo Lounge shot us an email a few months back, asking if we’d be interested in reviewing their perfect-for-gamers Omni bean bag chair. Being a slave to comfort, and willing to experiment with new types of product reviews, we gave Sumo a big thumbs up. A few days later, our office became plus-one giant green blob of relaxation. It didn’t come with the hot blonde.

“But how exactly do we review a bean bag?” we asked ourselves. Left in the complex quandary of how to objectively measure both the comfort and gamer applicability of a bean-filled sack of nylon, we decided the only fair way to judge its quality and affect on our game playing would be to directly compare it to similar seating apparatuses while undergoing strategic stress tests.

In other words, we sat on it, and a bunch of other stuff, then played games.

In our experimentation, Josh was our control, doing his gaming on our couch, while Dan was our guinea pig, testing the seating options available in the office. Each experiment lasted roughly 15 minutes, tracking the win/loss ratio between Dan and Josh (with their game of choice, Mortal Kombat). At the close of the quarter-hour, Dan would give his comfort rating a score between one and ten.


First up in our rigorous experiment was a standard yoga ball – the classic choice for the gamer trying to stay in shape.






Next we had quite an unconventional way to sit – four water cooler jugs, arranged in an optimal 2×2 configuration.






Then, for a spin on a classic, we gave Dan a simple desk chair to sit on, but added a bit of innovation by rotating it roughly 160 degrees along its X-axis. The results tell the tale of our bold venture.





Finally, we wrapped up our scientific endeavors by testing the Sumo Omni bean bag chair. Note the unparalleled look of jealousy on Josh’s face.




With the experiment complete and the results in, our victor was none other than the Sumo Omni chair. As our rigorous testing shows, it’s comfortable, versatile, and scientifically proven* to make you a better gamer.

But seriously, if you’re looking to polish off your pad with a rad derriere-approved lump of leisure, hop over to the Sumo Lounge and find a sack with your name on it – just in time for the holidays.

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