Pinky Arcade

Dec 7, 2009

Ann Tancio

Comfy Sumo Bean Bag Chairs!

About a few months back, we were seeking for some new more comfortable chairs for the office. After spending a lot of time searching, we couldn’t find something out of the ordinary and fun.

That was until we stumbled upon Sumo Lounge. I’m sure some of you have heard about this company before and as a matter of fact, they have been in tons of well known publicized magazines.

After taking a look at those nice looking bean bag chairs, our owner, Joan, decided to grab one just to see if it’s comfy and suitable for work 🙂

As soon as the box arrived and it was unpackaged, we noticed how big a bean bag chair can get! Joan chose HOT PINK, so that was a pleasant surprise to everyone in the office :).

Quote from Joan:

“The bean bag chair from Sumo Lounge is very very comfortable! It is very very big, so space is definitely needed before you could take advantage of this lounging chair. I wouldn’t say it’s a 100% suitable chair for work, but I can definitely say that this chair is fun and allows me to rest and just sit around. I definitely recommend the Sumo Lounge chair for anyone willing to just try something new!”

There you have it! Joan absolutely loves this chair and I hope all of you game players on Pinky Arcade would give this a try. The price may seem high at first, but it has been a few months and this chair still looks brand new in the office…even after countless lounging hours :).

Make sure you go to Sumo Lounge and purchase one now!

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