Jul 11, 2005

Ann Tancio






We’ve been asked to review a lot of things at Pixelsurgeon Mansions, but this-as far as I’m aware-is the first time we’ve ever been asked to review a beanbag. I’ve already got a beanbag to loaf on in front of the TV, and possibly you have, too, so my first reaction was, so what?


Well this is no ordinary beanbag, it’s the Sumo Onmi, the Ferrari of beanbags and the first thing that impresses is the size. Because Sumo is based in Canada, my review beanbag arrived in the post without the polystyrene ball filling and initially I thought I’d been sent a circus tent by mistake. Once filled with polystyrene balls sourced from I was good to go (note, the listed price includes the polystyrene ball filling).

You also need a sizeable room to keep it in as a filled Sumo Omni easily dwarfs conventional beanbags (and the occasional sofa, too). But there’s something extremely alluring about a fresh beanbag this size; it practically begs to be sat on.

Sumo claim they have ten ways to use an Omni, and what they mean by that is the sheer scale of thing invites a myriad of different ways of lounging around on it depending whether you want to settle down with a book, watch a movie or just sleep on it.

It’s pretty comfortable, the filling moulding to your shape (and desired position) whilst also fully supporting you. The material is a specially coated ballistic nylon that’s rip-proof (or cat-proof, if you prefer) and can be wiped clean with soapy water. One of the banes of my existing beanbag is its habit of leaking the occasional, but annoying polysterene ball, but there’s very little danger of that happening with the Omni thanks to its combination zip and velcro opening which seems extremely secure.

Having lazed on the mammoth Omni for a week or so (if only all reviews were so relaxing) I’m sold. Sadly, Sumo only seem to ship the pre-filled Omni beanbags to Canada and the US, but they seem like nice folk so if you’re curious and live outside North America, drop them an email and you may be able to get an unfilled bag shipped to you.

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