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Dec 8, 2009

Ann Tancio

Lounging Around

Your favorite game is loading into your system of choice the snacks and soda are by your side. Now to grab your favorite spot but that old chair has finally had enough it is no longer comfortable. Next option is your couch but it is currently being occupied by your wife, dog , best friend or maybe all three. So you take the next viable option the trusty old floor that once was the best seat in the house for Saturday morning cartoons. Unfortunately your old body no longer can handle more then 2 minuets on the hard, cold, rough floor. You get up sore from the waist down your options have run out. Too bad there wasn’t a place you could sit one you could at anytime move at your own leisure.

Wait you are in luck there is such a thing…


Presenting the Sumo line of Bean Bag type furniture

A company called Sumo has brought the bean bag chair back but added their very own flair and design. No more worrying about the next comfy seat in the house you can always have a Sumo at the ready. Prices range anywhere from 149 dollars for the smaller sized Omni to the Sumo Gigantor at 400 dollars. If you are in the market for a gaming piece of furniture be sure to check Sumo’s website.

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