Dec 9, 2007

Ann Tancio


Sumo Omni beanbag Review

Super-sized pillow for gaming laziness, but is it comfortable and will you want one? We get lazy to find out.

Yes it’s a glorified beanbag, but one that you might actually want to sit up and pay attention to, why? Because it’s actually very comfortable, stylish, and doesn’t look like one of those boxing glove bags from the 80s.

Designed to sit in, obviously, the pillow itself measures 4.5 x 5.5ft meaning it’s pretty big, but will sit upright to make into a chair and save you some space.

According to its makers there are around 10 ways to use it, but hey, it’s a bag that can be shaped how you want so we would recommend it for gaming, tv watching, and generally being a couch potato.

What we like most about the Sumo Omni is its ability to keep its shape, it sounds strange but we’ve always had trouble getting in and out of beanbags, which is why we’ve not really had one since 1991 (and yes it was a boxing glove). Here however we experienced no problem – we even did the granny test and got an old lady (65) to sit on it and then up again and she had no problems – always a good sign.

As for strength – no problems so far, even with the dog and kids in the house taking a fancy to it. The beans are sealed away behind a zip that’s then behind some heavy duty velcro.

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