Oct 16, 2006

Ann Tancio


Product review: Sumo Omni gaming chair


Recently I got the opportunity to sit on a sumo all weekend and tell you all about it. Somehow that doesn’t sound right. Anyway I got to try out this sweet gaming chair from Sumo Lounge and here’s my review on how this not so little number holds up to the rigors of hardcore gaming sessions. What happens when you spill red bull on it? Does it double as a loveseat? And the big question: does it come with the girl in the picture?? Read on to find out…


I got this puppy in a giant box that looked like it had a refridgerator in it. I opened it up, threw it on the ground, and promptly went to sleep on it. Fortunately it was much more comfortable than sleeping on a fridge. The beans inside conform to your body and while they are pretty rigid when you’re settled in, it is ultra comfy because it matches all your curves.

My buddy Jordi demonstrating proper napping technique.

Tough as Ahnuld

This is no ordinary Wal-Mart bean bag. It’s made of tough nylon, so it will repel spills, won’t break or tear, and has a nice smooth finish. So if you pee your pants watching the next Halo 3 trailer, you’re all set. The seams actually extend beyond the bag and are really tough so you won’t have to worry about it tearing either. Plus there’s a velcro part in one area in case you want to stuff it with pop rocks and coke.

The contortionist chair

You can use this chair in all kinds of positions. That didn’t sound right either. Anyway you can sit on it without a back, lay down on your side, lay down like a futon, or smoosh it down so it’s all curved around your back and gives you a nice headrest. Plus you can sit two people on it and make it a loveseat.


Conclusion? Sumo chair kicks arse

All in all I give this chair two thumbs up. It’s durable, comfortable, you can sleep on it or sit on it with a backrest, and it even looks cool which is saying a lot for a bean bag chair. They even sell entire “lounges” complete with a footrest in the center. So if you need a comfy gaming chair, be sure to check them out at


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