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Nov 2, 2009

Ann Tancio

Product Review – Sumo Lounge Omni Chair


The fine folks over at Sumo Lounge sent over one of their Omni bean bag chairs for us to check out. What a treat this chair is.

It’s insanely comfortable and perfect for lounging in while playing a marathon gaming session or watching a few movies (not too mention catching up on the DVR).

Let’s check out the stats:

  • 10 colors options
  • Measures big – 4.5’ X 5.5, but weighs little – just 18lbs
  • Space age rip-proof nylon, stays new looking – easy to clean
  • Filled with top quality Sumo beads

I’ve always wanted bean bag chairs but in recent years have had trouble finding any worth spending the money on. Sumo’s Omni chair is the perfect solution. It’s incredible comfortable and as soon as you sit down it feels like you’re being cradled. I didn’t have to switch positions once in the few hours I was playing games the other night.

The nylon material is sturdy so no beans flying around the room and appears to be rather easy to clean. I haven’t spilled anything on it (yet) so this is based on just the feeling of the fabric.

The one drawback is that the nylon traps your body heat so after sitting in it for awhile you’ll start to get warm. This would be a good thing with winter right around the corner but you might want to toss a blanket over it so you don’t feel the heat as much.

That’s the only complaint I have. I was worried that the seams would get in the way of seating comfortably but I don’t even notice they’re there.

Sumo Lounge has a wide collection of bean bag chairs you can get, each larger than the other, the largest being the Gigantor (86x60x40). They even have a bean bag ottoman!

They’re a bit pricey, the Omni comes in at $149, but shipping is free and the comfort makes the price bearable.

I could not be happier with my Omni and am seriously considering investing in the larger sizes, especially now that I have a couch I need to replace.

If you want an extremely comfortable way to relax while you’re watching TV or playing some games, Sumo Lounge’s Omni chair is the definite way to go.

You just won’t find a better bean bag chair.

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