Dec 26, 2008

Ann Tancio


Sumo Chief Rocker



I used to freestyle on the block, now I Chief Rock! Boom shock-a-locka yo here comes the Chief Rocka! Common, like you didn’t expect any Lords of the Underground references to pop up at some point.

I was pretty pumped when this bad boy arrived as I consider myself a viking when it comes to sitting around. I welcome any new means of resting these tired bones and the Chief Rocker from Sumo is the perfect addition to my lazy lifestyle. After lugging this massive box from my buddies condo down to the street, jamming into the back of a cab and then lugging it up to my apartment, I was ready to pass out. Luckily I’m very hard to stop or slow down when it comes to trying out new gear.

Getting the chair out of the box was like trying to deliver a child. I had my feet pressed up against the sides of the box while pulling the already foam inserted cover out. That’s how doctors do it right? By the time I finally succeeded in removing the damn thing, it was definitely time for a nap. Great thing about it arriving with the foam already inside was that it was prepped for testing. I was able use my last ounce of strength to prop it up against my coffee table and sank right into one of the comfiest things on the planet. No lie. This model came with a metal frame that slides into the back of the cover but I could not be bothered to tackle that stage of the set up process just yet. I imagine heaven having an abundant supply of chief rockers on hand. I definitely enjoyed my little rest.

I finally found the instructions buried deep beneath 17 layers of bubble wrap and started assembling the back part of the rocker. I was able to put it together in 5 minutes and slide it on in for a test drive. The back is perfect for this lounger as it provides additional shape and support to the chief rocker and allows it to do as advertised……rock. And rock it certainly does folks! The outer micro suede cover feels great but can collect a lot of pet hair. You can’t exactly pull the foam out to wash the cover as the foam is not encased in anything other than the cover itself. Try to keep it clean as it may be difficult to remove any messy stains should any happen to occur. Other than that, I played a good session of Call of Duty online and was completely relaxed and comfortable the entire time. This is my preferred piece of furniture when reading and playing video games. It’s just something you have to try out to know what I’m talking about. Mad props go out to the Sumo crew and keep up the great work! Highly recommended.

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