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Oct 2, 2008

Ann Tancio


Adam reviews the Sumo Sultan Sac

An amazingly off topic Punknews Navel Gazing review!

The Sultan model SumoSac has been something of a sideshow at my home in recent weeks. Family members have dropped in to witness it, to awe and gaze and paw at it like apes to a Kubrickian obelisk. Make no mistake, this is a massive piece of furniture and takes up more room than it’s amorphous profile suggests. However the greatest compliment I could pay it is that we so enjoy it’s presence that we’ve rearranged an entire room to accommodate it. Lesser furnishings were cast out to make room.

Praise must also fall to Sumo’s shipping department, as the chair arrived in a box less than half it’s size. The shredded urethane foam had been compressed to an astonishing degree and contained within a cardboard box, it corner’s rounded from the pressure. Rolling the item into our home and watching the Sac expand like some brobdingnagian mushroom was a wonder. Given the eventual girth of the contents, this was a feat in and of itself.

The Sac is satisfyingly massive, and invites it’s passenger to attack it. We’ve found that throwing one’s self into the item oft results in the most pleasing grooves. The micro suede cover is particularly inviting and has (so far) held up well. This durable blob of a seat promises to be a central part of my future writing process, and looks particularly well suited to record reviewing. Highly recommend, if you have room.

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