Aug 20, 2008

Ann Tancio


Sumo Sac

A couple months ago the good guys over at the Sumo Lounge asked if they could ship me some of their new lounging technology: These guys had previously sent me a bunch of their Sumo Omni bean bag chairs, all of which ended up in my nieces and nephew’s bedrooms. I was excited to be offered a piece of the sumo lounge gear that I would get to actually keep.

I need to apologize for not posting a review of this sooner. That’s why these kind people send me stuff in the first place. But the good thing about putting off my review is that I got a great opportunity to use the Sumo Sac in a couple of situations.

The first thing you need to know is that the Sumo Sac is big. It takes up a good portion of a smaller room. The sac is filled with foam blocks that arrive all packed tight. But once you fluff out the blocks inside the faux suede cover (which is very comfy), it’s huge. And once it’s huge, you’re not going to stuff it back into a smaller size again. So pick someplace that has the room and know that once you fluff it out, it’s not going anywhere.

The sac is REALLY comfy, but it doesn’t hold its shape the way the Omni does. It was really hard for me to sit up comfortably in it. If you’re looking to lounge or sleep on it, I prefer the Sac to the Omni. But if you are looking for some support behind you, you better prop the sac up against a couch or a wall. We recently had some guests visit and we used the Sumo Sac as a guest bed. It’s that big and comfy. You can sleep comfortably on it.

If you have a bunch of kids at your house, this is a great buy. They can all pile on the sac and have plenty of room to not touch each other and all have their own individual cushy spot. But if you’re an adult looking for a gaming chair, you might be better off with the Omni.

Overall, another great lounging product from Sumo.

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