Jun 12, 2006

Ann Tancio


Sumo Bags

I talk a lot about real products on this site and it’s all from a genuine love for all things pop-culture. I got no problem with advertising. Advertising is life. But I don’t want advertising to creep into the content. It should always support the content. I never want to pass off advertising as a genuine experience to you guys.

These bags aren’t just like, beanbags from Walmart. They go for about 125 bucks.

Now, I’m a big, fat, dude. Although the weight is slowly-but-surely coming off, fat guys and bean bags aren’t a good combination. I was really worried that I was going to pop the damn thing or get in it, not be comfortable and never be able to get out of it again.

When the bag arrived, the wife and I were initially put off by the material. It’s an all purpose canvas material and it didn’t seem like it was going to be very cozy. But once the dog climbed on it and slobbered all over it, I realized how smart it was to make a beanbag out of this stuff. And the material is cool in the summer heat. I liked that about it.

The Sumo Omni is a huge pillow, but it can be folded into a ton of shapes and I’m surprised to say, you can make it as firm or as soft as you want. I made a nice firm chair out of it and it easily held my weight. I didn’t hopelessly sink into it and destroy the shape I molded it into. It’s durable as hell. I threw myself in it, and pushed myself out of it and the damn thing didn’t flinch.

I was going to send the bag home with my 14 year old cousin, Hunter, because once his ass touched it, it never left. So Hunter is waiting for a BRIGHT ORANGE one and told me to keep my crappy blue one. The kid’s a punk-ass.

Because this thing easily holds MY weight and it’s comfortable for ME to sit on, and because it’s great extra seating to whip out in a pinch, I am happy to highly recommend the Sumo Omni. they make an ottoman as well, but I was using the Omni as a footrest and loving it.

Sometimes, when you’re as big as I am, you don’t get to participate in fun things. So it was really great to get a product I was afraid I was just too heavy for and find out it fit me just fine. It was a pleasant surprise.(Maybe this is why they’re called SUMO bags).

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